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Glory English Secondary School is a pioneer school moving towards being the No. 1 school in Bhaktapur and Nepal overall. It was established in 1994 A.D. (2052 B.S.) in Nangkhel 7, Bhaktapur. It was in January 2006 A.D. when the new management decided to shift the school to Radhe Radhe, Madhyapur Thimi 9, Bhaktapur facilitated by a spacious building, well-equipped labs, and a huge playground. Soon after, in 2008 A.D/2064 B.S. our students started appearing in the SLC, and ever since, we are proud of securing 100% success (Distinction and first division) in most SLC/SEE Batches.

principal's message

As Nelson Mandela says, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”, its rationale is even grooming in our context today. As a school leader, I believe that education means enhancing students’ moral values, positive thinking, and an attitude of collaboration and social service. Our curriculum emphasizes active learning, understanding, critical thinking, and problem-solving capabilities. We endeavor to teach each student the practice of taking ownership of one’s knowledge.  It is our responsibility as educators to nurture and develop…


Childhood Memory

The memory takes me To land of happiness, Makes me free from Worries and dullness. How sweet to recall  Wonderful days of past, I fail to know How time rolls fast! So fabulous to think about Even silly little deeds, Especially we enjoyed them When we played in reeds....

My Mom

Oh! My mom You are so sweet. When I do something bad You make it right. I am here because of you, I can’t give anything to you. But I promise I will be a good man And give you everything I can. You have spent a lot of Money for me You give me all for study For my...


Give us right path to walk That leads to perfection Give us knowledge to impart That teaches us nation I don't see fraternity Co-operation and harmony Please, don't give us rivalry  Duplicity and atrocity Let the nation prosper  Let the people breath in ease...


War, war everywhere Nowhere is peace and harmony, We can hear only the crying of people  No laughter and happiness at all. Oh God! Please save us from this dangerous thing Which is destroying everything.  We don’t want war anymore So, let’s pray God  For peace and...

Dangerous Class – 8

Dangerous Class – 8

Manish is in March born Prabesh's enemies are none  Aayush is taller than the Eiffel tower  Nitesh and Kabiraj talk for hour on hour Roshan wants everyone to be happy Without Albish the class is gloomy Anjal never tries to fight  Aayush completes his...

My Nepal

My Nepal

Nepal is the home of Nepalese: roof of which is made up of snow-capped mountains, walls with hills and flat passage of floor with Terai. Nepal is a country that always wears caps of white snow, dresses of green leaves and shoes of golden wheat. Our country is full of...

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Obviously, like anybody else, I had the same fantastic time as a school going kid. I must admit that my school’s education has helped me a great deal in shaping my career. My teachers were just excellent. They were like my friends who would care for me and love me. Anytime I encountered any difficulties, they were right there for help. Maybe, I was not an outstanding student, yet I never felt like I was any less than others. About friends, what do I say about them? At Glory, I had friends that made my life heavenly, and I was fortunate enough to get the most amazing ones. We’d laugh together, crack jokes, enjoy time together and help each other throughout school life. It’s like that’s what makes the bond even stronger. You realize their value once you stop meeting them. The same has happened to me. More than anything else, I had missed my friends the most once I passed out.

Anoj Neupane
Branch Manager, NIC Asia Bank, Dhading Branch
SLC Batch 2064

“School is the second home of a child." This statement may not be readily acceptable to a large mass of people. But for me, this is a truth for which I'm ready even to debate with others. The confidence about the reality of this statement has risen all because of the environment that I got within the premises of Glory. Glory is a place that consists of most of the qualities of a good school, including seriousness upon students' future, friendly environment, supportive and dedicated teachers, regular ECA, proper scholarship facilities and reasonable fee structures. Because of the lessons, Glory taught me that I am able to stand up as one of the best candidates in the places I go. And Glory hasn't left any stone unturned to act as a great mentor even after completing my SLC level. Hence, it has shown that "the relationship between a student and his/her school and teachers is so strong that it never breaks down". Thanks to Glory for being there as a friend, a mentor, a guide, a platform creator whenever I needed it. I'm proud to be a Glorian.

Sagun Raj Lage
Software Engineer and Author
SLC Batch 2068

Your children will not only be well-educated and will pass the necessary exams with flying colors but they also will be happy to be part of the Glory family. I highly recommend this school for the studies of your children. In 2013 we decided to find a school in Nepal worthy of being supported by the donations we collect in Canada. Our choice fell on Glory because the dedication of the admin to provide quality education for children and the dedication of staff to make this happen were extraordinary. We want to help the school administration strive to create the best school of Nepal with technology, training, and materials and to bring over new educational methods based on current international research results. One of the ways we want to affect the learning input is to provide volunteer native speaker teachers each year to come and teach at Glory. The school’s atmosphere is welcoming and the best interest of the children is kept in sight at all times.

Ms. Eva Wicha
Fundraiser for Glory for Education
Dawson Creek, BC, Canada

This is a very good school with a clear vision for the future and a dynamic pupil-centered leadership who have the potential to make it the best school in the area.” I’m Brigid Harkness and I was introduced to the Glory English School by Dr. Christine Tipper. I have worked with students in England all my working life but I have been really impressed with the enthusiasm and motivation of the Glory students. They are so keen to learn and quick to pick up and use new ideas. I have also enjoyed working with the teachers and managers of the school and, along with Dr. Tipper, we have been able to share ideas from English schools. I have also been astounded by the beauty of Nepal and the majesty of its mountains and the warmth and friendliness of the Nepali people. I have had a wonderful welcome and I am looking forward to my next visit to the country and the Glory School.

Brigid Harkness
St. Joseph’s Catholic College
Swindon, UK

My name is Dr. Christine Tipper and I have been volunteering each year at Glory English School since January 2012 when I first visited Nepal and fell in love with its people. The caring and holistic ethos of the school is for me its main asset. The pupils and staff are kind and friendly and there is an atmosphere of enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. My strength is language teaching and I have worked with students on English pronunciation, poetry and songs. I love crafts and have run several craft workshops which are very popular with the students. My friend, Brigid Harkness, and I have facilitated teaching workshops with the staff where we have had great exchanges on the challenges and rewards of teaching. I would highly recommend Glory English School.

Dr. Christine Tipper
University of Bath, UK