Manish is in March born

Prabesh’s enemies are none 

Aayush is taller than the Eiffel tower 

Nitesh and Kabiraj talk for hour on hour

Roshan wants everyone to be happy

Without Albish the class is gloomy

Anjal never tries to fight 

Aayush completes his homework at night Saksham is the question box

Nitesh sings in class and always talks

Aayush doesn’t have any fear,

Anjal the name describes his behaviour

Biraj is short but sweet 

Saroj never ever quits

Aayush is expert in English

Fish is Prajjwols best dish

With Prabesh everyone is kind 

In Maths, Prabesh uses his sharp mind

Aman is a cheerful boy         

Albish likes playing with a toy

Saksham is always in a funny mood

Prabesh is always engaged in his book

Manish everywhere gets over smart

Who can beat Ayush in his art

Raman is a pure-hearted boy

He is frank for the courageous deeds

Dhiraj always plays foul

Subash never receives a call 

Prabesh is never rude

We like to do things according to our mood

We are what class 8 holds

Beware of us we’ve already told!!!!!

Aayush Dotel and Ayush Khatri
Class 8