Vision: A school with a global vision

Glory Education Secondary School envisions itself growing and expanding with its students to become the most prestigious and one of the best schools in Nepal. We are trying to include international practices with pre-vocational classes. The school aims to inherit the best educational philosophy and teaching practices to nurture and hone every child's talent and skill. Our focus is on creating a direct balance between lessons and experiences in students and guide them to become responsible citizens guided by spiritual and ethical values. The school teaches a passion for excellence, desire for freedom, courage, confidence, a curiosity to learn more in its students.

We Aim

Mission: To make the nation's unique school

Glory English Secondary School aims to develop human beings who collectively will help create a positive impact on society and the world. We strive to empower each student through the right blend of modern education, appropriate skills, and deep-rooted spiritual values to make our students curious and confident risk-takers with compassion towards life.


Glory English School provides a world-class education for students of Nursery to Grade Ten. A professional and updated faculty team of 38 members is committed to serving 300 young minds who will one day walk out the gates to help others in different walks of life.


The years 2019-2021 have seen the school evolve and integrate its programs to  run the various projects catering to the core skills. The ISA (International School Award) has enhanced the education system of Glory English School by making teaching and learning more exciting and fun.