About Us

Who we are

With the world marching towards globalization, having a global vision is very crucial for us. At Glory, we are tackling the biggest challenge in education, which is to develop students who can compete in the international arena. Child-friendly and creativity-promoting pedagogy are prerequisites for every child’s social, cultural, psychological, and cultural enhancement. Our dedicated team of well-trained teachers put in a combined effort for preparing future potentials to compete in the international arena and achieve the summit of success.

Glory is a pioneer school moving towards being the No. 1 school in Bhaktapur and Nepal overall. Glory English Secondary School was established in 1994 A.D./2052 B.S.in Nangkhel-7, Bhaktapur. It was in January 2006 A.D. when the new management decided to shift the school to Radhe-Radhe, Madhyapur Thimi 9, Bhaktapur facilitated by a spacious building, well-equipped labs, and a huge playground. Soon after, in 2008 A.D/2064 B.S. our students started appearing in the SLC, and ever since, we are proud of securing 100% success (Distinction and first division) in most SLC/SEE Batches.

The private English Medium co-educational Secondary School is affiliated with the National Examinations Board (NEB) of Nepal and has been bringing out the best from our students with over 26 years of excellence. Glory has partnered with the University of Bath, UK and Lawn Manor Academy, England incorporating international practices in Nepal to provide the best education fulfilling the International standards. Today, Glory English Secondary School proudly stands as one of the most reputed schools in Bhaktapur, intending to be one of the best schools in Nepal.

We will make every attempt to attract every student across the country to have a thirst for knowledge and leave no stone unturned to mold your child to bring the best out of your child. We aim at mastery in communication skill, clarity, coherence and independence in thoughts, and appreciation of scientific, economic and political ideas, and physical and mental health and hygiene with ethical and cultural values. The future of this institution largely depends upon the mutual relationship among parents, teachers and the management. We always look forward to your invaluable suggestions on the days ahead.